The Mission

Why must we choose faith or the field?  It seems the better players become, the more their lives and that of their families gravitate away from the local church, toward any number of baseball fields across the country.  There must be a better way.  We must create an environment where players and families can simultaneously experience faith and the field.  Even better, that they are complimentary, each one underscoring the value of the other.

We have found that many others are pursuing a similar mission.  Players, coaches and families along the entire continuum of talent, from 8U travel baseball all the way to the major leagues, are hungry for spiritual nourishment and faith-based community.  Gifted organizations are attempting to close the gap, each one doing incredible work and burning its own individual flame of faith.

What would God do if we united and linked our flames together?  What if we collectively shined the spotlight of success toward the Creator, from whom our talents originated? What if we shared gifts and resources collectively for the advancement of the Kingdom?  Would He impact more players, more coaches and more families?  Admittedly, we don’t know the answers to these questions, but we’re eager to find out!

Welcome to the journey.  Welcome to His Show.